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What is knowknowledge capture?

What is knowknowledge capture?

What is knowknowledge capture?

Knowledge capture makes tacit knowledge explicit, i.e., it turns knowledge that is resident in the mind of the individual into an explicit representation available to the enterprise.” Dave Snowden asserts, "If you ask (people) to give you your knowledge on the basis that you may need it in the future, then you will never receive it."

What is knowledge capture and why is it important?

Capture: collecting documents, presentations, spreadsheets, records, processes, software source, images, audio, video, and other files which can be used for innovation, reuse, and learning Gartner defines knowledge capture as “one of the five activities of the knowledge management process framework.

What is the meaning of knowknowledge application?

Knowledge application is about the actualization of knowledge to make decisions, improve processes, and make the best use of this knowledge to solve business problems. The essential knowledge chunks are leveraged to make business decisions. Knowledge is also applied organization-wide through instructions, procedures, norms, etc.

How do you capture explicit knowledge?

Capturing explicit knowledge requires collection processes and repositories, which involve attempting to codify and encapsulate knowledge in writing or some other form of stored data. Explicit knowledge is formal knowledge that can be conveyed from one person to another in systematic ways.

What is the difference between tacit knowledge and knowknowledge discovery?

Knowledge discovery, the first step of the knowledge management process involves communication, integration, and systemization of multiple streams of explicit knowledge. Tacit knowledge is implied knowledge that is discovered by socialization, for example, through joint activities, instead of written or oral instructions. 2.